Training Athletes to Change Outcomes


For every athlete in every sport, there is often one critical moment that often defines the outcome of competition. Frequently, that moment is based on an athlete’s ability to carry their body with superior speed, power, agility or quickness – that extra “edge.” At Flashpoint we work with athletes of all ages and all sports to enhance their movement skills so that when the game is on the line, their time with us is what makes the difference.

At Flashpoint, we pride ourselves in preparing our athletes and coaches with current information and training methods that yield results. Whether your goal is to go over, around or through, you have arrived at the site that will help get you or your athletes where they need to be.


“The strength and speed training that Bill Victor provides is unlike anything I've ever experienced in preparation for game day. It pushed me both physically and mentally and made me a better athlete.
– Dylan Y., H.S. Football, All League MVP, Fullback -